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Import from the Betawikiversity[uredi]

I do short : Great thanks. Crochet.david (pogovor) 13:21, 2. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]

You're welcome. If any pages are missing, please tell me. --MF-Warburg (pogovor) 13:39, 2. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]
Hi there. Big thanks from me too. If I'm correct, you imported 566 pages. The number of pages that need to be transported from Beta is 646 so there is 80 pages missing. Can you do the search automatically or should I check them manually? Again, thank you — MZaplotnik (prispevki) 17:46, 2. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]
My bot is running to delete only imported file in betawikiversity. So just wait that it do the job. The category will be emptied of pages transferred. Crochet.david (pogovor) 18:48, 2. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]
These 80 pages are now imported too. --MF-Warburg (pogovor) 02:00, 3. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]
There were also a few images uploaded to Beta but there is no need to import them here so the job is done. Thank U!— MZaplotnik (prispevki) 09:23, 3. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]


Why is there no logo (upper left corner of every page)? Whose responsibility is that? - dcljr (pogovor) 04:07, 3. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]

Logo is here: SVG and PNG but I don't know how to insert it in the page template here. I have another question: is it possible to get at least one local 'crat or sysop? Must we place a proposal and where? We'll nedd at least one soon because the end of the faculty semester is approaching and there will be a lot of student work in wikiversity at that time.— MZaplotnik (prispevki) 09:23, 3. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]
I have requested the logo to be added (bugzilla:35659). In order to elect sysop(s), please make a voting on Wikiverza:Portal občestva or a special page for that, and then request adminship on m:SRP. --MF-Warburg (pogovor) 14:37, 3. april 2012 (CEST)Odgovori[odgovori]